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The real reason why the engine sound became louder after oil change was found

After the maintenance, especially after changing the oil of different brands and different specifications, the owner will find that the engine sound is louder than before. Then, what causes the engine sound to become larger? First, for the fake oil, if it is If you change the fake oil, the engine will not be well lubricated, and engine oil may fluctuate due to the possibility of emulsification. Second, the oil viscosity, preferably in accordance with the manufacturer's viscosity of the oil change, such as the provisions for 5W30, you change to 5W50 may cause the sound to become larger. Third, the replacement of manufacturers, although you change the viscosity of the oil, but the replacement of the brand, each brand of chemical technology is not the same, additives are not the same, it may also cause the sound to become larger. Fourth, the increase in motor oil, this situation is also more


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