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Cooling system, giving your engine lasting power!

The correct way to shut down the engine When the vehicle is off, many of the masters are directly shutting down. This is the right way; it should be idle for 3 minutes to 5 minutes before the flameout. In doing so, the fan can be used to dissipate heat from the unloaded engine, allowing the engine to have a slow cooling process and at the same time increase the service life of the engine; secondly, the engine with the supercharger, and the turbocharger rotor after unloading. At high-speed rotation, the idle speed can maintain the oil pressure to lubricate the rotor bearings to avoid damage to the supercharger. Coolant selection Cummins engine coolant consists of three parts: pure water plus antifreeze (ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, concentration: 40% to 68%) plus additives (DCA4), here I recommend using Better than good Fleetguard coolant. Coolant


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