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On the car joint strategy to play really: Anji Star car service traffic free for life

The era of the Internet of Everything is no longer a rare thing, making virtual reality. Therefore, people’s consumption concepts and consumption habits have been completely subverted, and they can know the world without leaving home. This is all due to the innovation of science and technology, which is caused by rapid development. It is summarized in the more common words: there is nothing you can't buy, only you can't think of it. The automobile industry is at the forefront of science and technology. Black technology and driverless driving are the focus of tea after dinner. Nowadays, cars are no longer a simple means of transportation. People, cars and life are inseparable, making life easier. Convenient and more humane. Presumably, the officials also know that in the era of looking at the face, consumers are admired for the high value of the face, demanding exquisite fashion for the interior, and enjoying the over-control, which is more sought after for the intelligent human-computer interaction system. Is the car network not? Will you open your brain? Let's take a look. Since 2017, SAIC-GM has released the 2025 car networking strategy. It is vaguely remembered that Wang Yongqing, general manager of SAIC General Motors, said that the new-generation car system will be launched on the new car, and the cloud-centric vehicle application and service, OnStar Anji The free service period for Star Basic Services is extended to 5 years. In 2018, OTA online system update was launched, and early warning reminders were upgraded based on the original real-time vehicle condition diagnosis. In 2019, the introduction of the most advanced Super Cruise smart driving technology gradually liberated the driver's hands and feet and eyes. In 2020, the development of V2X technology will be promoted (that is, links between cars and other road users). In 2021-2025, the company promoted the development of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G ultra-high-speed network, AR augmented reality technology and advanced artificial intelligence to achieve a high degree of automatic driving and create the best travel experience. On August 23, 2018, the Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center, after more than a year, what achievements has SAIC GM achieved on the enterprise cloud platform? What planning and deployment will it take? SAIC General Motors General Manager Wang Yongqing once again announced that it will be on the same day. From the three brands of UPV GM, Chevrolet and Cadillac, all users of car-linked applications provide 24G "OnStar Anji Star Car Link Application Lifetime Free" service, covering all car applications except WiFi hotspot sharing. Let users say goodbye to "flow anxiety" and fully enjoy the fun of cloud interconnection.


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